Other products

Other products.

  • Rings for plastic pipes
  • “Idrante” series seals
  • “Idrantino” seals and spheres
  • Seals for breather valves and vacuum pumps
  • Seals for motor pumps coupling
  • Special Viton and silicone rubber seals
  • Seals for filters
  • Rubber rollers of different sizes
  • Iron, aluminium, nylon and rubber coated rollers
  • Rubber and metal-rubber products:
    • Anti-vibration dampers
    • Iron, aluminum, nylon and rubber coated inserts
    • Rubber coated iron bushings
    • Rubber bearings for pumps
  • Bellows in various sizes
  • Sleeves
  • Rolls / plates made from various types of rubber and in different thicknesses
  • Rubber metal antivibration mounts