High temperature gaskets and o-rings

Why are high temperature gaskets and high temperature O-rings so important?

High temperature gaskets and high temperature O-rings are both essential components of many items of machinery that are used during industrial processes. Companies need to make sure that they have access to top quality high temperature O-rings and high temperature gaskets so that their processes can be completed safely and efficiently. They should provide manufacturers with their blueprints, and provide details of tolerance levels required, so that they get high temperature gaskets and high temperature O-rings which are ideal for their needs.

Situations where high temperature gaskets and high temperature O-rings are needed

There are several situations where the use of gaskets and O-rings that can withstand high temperatures of between 177°C  (350°F) and 1260ºC (2300°F) are required. If the parts cannot withstand these high temperatures, industrial processes may not be safe or efficient. The situations where high temperature resilience is required include:

  • Where flames are present
  • Where combustible fluids are being used
  • Where elevated temperatures are an essential feature of an industrial process

High temperature gaskets and high temperature O-rings need to be purchased from a manufacturer that can guarantee they will meet all of the technical specifications provided by the company.

What type of high temperature O-rings should be used?

There are several types of O-rings which can withstand high temperatures. This means that they can perform well in this type of environment, enabling processes to be completed successfully and on time. Companies need to consider the necessary chemical resistance when deciding which type of O-ring to use. Depending on the company’s requirements, materials used to create high temperature O-rings include:

  • Viton® which is resistant to oil, grease and many types of fuel, even when high temperatures are present
  • Silicon which is able to withstand temperatures of up to 320°C (608°F), depending on which type of the material that is used

These are just two of several materials that can be used to create temperature resilient O-rings, dependent on what type of application they are going to be used for.

Materials used to manufacture high temperature gaskets

High temperature gaskets can be manufactured from solid rubber or soft rubber materials, made using a variety of heat resistant materials. These materials include:

  • Silicone
  • Fluorocarbon
  • Silicone sponge
  • Conductive silicone

Any business that requires access to high temperature gaskets and high temperature O-rings needs to provide its technical requirements to a reputable manufacturer that uses high quality, appropriate materials to manufacture its products.

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