Extruded rubber seals

Why reliable extruded rubber seals are important

Extruded rubber seals are produced using extrusion machines and die cutting machines. The process produces cross sections of various different shapes. The extrusions that result from the manufacturing process are used in various different industries such as marine, manufacturing and automotive. There are various aims that can be present when extruded rubber seals are used including sealing, noise reduction, reduction in vibration and decoration.

What are extruded rubber seals used for?

Throughout the various different industries where extruded rubber seals are employed, they have a variety of different specific uses including:

  • Window and door sealing
  • Door weather stripping
  • Automotive rubber sealing
  • Windshield weather stripping
  • Sponge rubber sealing

These are just a few of the numerous different uses for extruded rubber seals that exist in a wide variety of different industries.

Customising extruded rubber seals for different uses

Manufacturers can carry out a number of different customisations on the extrusions that they produce. These customisations are dependent on the requirements of the company that is purchasing the rubber seals. The processes that can be carried out by the manufacturers include:

  • Cutting into various shapes
  • Drilling to shape holes
  • Punching holes in extrusions
  • Cutting notches in extrusions
  • Slotting extrusions

Using the process of die cutting means that simple shapes can be turned into custom extruded rubber seals that are ideally suited to the use for which they are required. This is important as uses for these seals are extremely varied.
Extruded rubber seals need to be reliable in order to ensure that the sealing and protection purposes for which they are often used are addressed effectively. Companies that need these seals have to ensure they purchase products from reliable manufacturers in order to ensure their processes, machinery and equipment are protected, enabling them to perform as effectively as possible.

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