Custom molded rubber parts and components

The benefits of custom molded rubber parts

There are thousands of rubber and rubber-metal components in use for industrial purposes. It’s important for any company to ensure that no matter which of these components they need, they make sure that they invest in good quality custom molded rubber components, so that their processes are completed safely and efficiently.

These custom molded parts can be made from several different compounds. The choice of compounds used is dependent on the industrial machinery and processes for which the parts are required.

Molding of rubber parts and components

Custom molded rubber components are created according to the specifications of the customer. Companies submit drawings and technical specifications to be examined and acted upon by the manufacturer.

State of the art machinery is used to create custom molded rubber parts, so that they are produced in a timely manner and can withstand the rigours of the industrial processes for which they are being used. Equipment used in this process includes rheometers, durometers and dynamometers. Other equipment which may be used when creating molded rubber components includes:

  • Mold sheets
  • Mold pads
  • Tooler’s microscopes

All of the molded rubber components created by the manufacturer are molded, finished and tested before they are handed over to the customer.

Types of custom molded rubber components

As we mentioned at the start of this article, there are thousands of custom molded rubber parts available. These parts can include anything from high volume injection molded rubber components to low volume custom compression molded components. Some of the custom molded rubber parts you can find on the market include:

  • Rollers covered in rubber.
  • Oil seals.
  • O-rings
  • Grommets

Manufacturers of custom molded rubber components work with companies to design and make products that meet with the requirements of the industrial process involved.

Working with an expert manufacturer is essential, if you want the products that you purchase to be reliable and durable. Even if you have a project that requires the production of the prototype of a custom molded rubber part this can happen. You need to take your ideas to the manufacturer and they will work with you, to create the custom part that you need.

They will develop a prototype of the component and test it thoroughly. They will then put the prototype into production in a way that is both time and efficiency conscious and which is cost effective. Speak to the professionals about custom molded rubber components that you need.

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